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Welcome, all Trademe bidders and sellers!

Thank you for participating in my auctions. I do appreciate your taking the time to read our policies. This webpage introduces you to our policies before any necessary contact is made (exchanges of bank details and address details etc).

Our policies

It is recommended that contact is made within 3 days after the end of this auction, and payment made within 5 working days.

If no payment is made within 5 working days, a reminder email will be issued. If this situation continues for 10 working days, a warning will be issued and a neutral feedback will be placed on this auction unless an acceptable explanation is given (in which case the feedback will be reverted back to positive provided that the payment is made within the next 5 working days). If, in one of these unfortunate circumstances that a payment is not made within 15 working days, an auction relisting email will be sent to you stating that this auction is from now on no longer valid and will be relisted under a new auction, and the neutral feedback stated before will be changed into a negative feedback. Any excuse from this point on is ignored.

** For Hotmail users **

Just as of recently, Hotmail have decided to change their junk mail settings for almost all the users (so I believe). Now any email originating from anyone who does not appear in your address book is doomed to the fate of desolation, and wasting away with other junkmails. So PLEASE, before sending complaints to me stating you have not been contacted by me, do check your junk mails first.


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Version History

1.2       Problem with Hotmail accounts

1.1       Placement of feedback messages on Trademe

1.0       Initial Draft